Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leaves Changing

I'm sitting looking out the window at all the beautiful colors in the changing leaves. I love the cool crisp air and changing of seasons. Most people I know also loves to see one season come and go...can you believe it, we like CHANGE?!? :)
This makes me think about my life and the season I'm in, and where and how I need to change.
The colors are beginning to burst out!

We have personally been in a "winter season" for the past few months...dead emotionally, financially, and spiritually. But, I know that after the winter comes spring...when everything blooms again and becomes new. I'm looking forward and praising Him ahead of time for how He's going to allow spring to come in our lives.

Back to the real season we're in...FALL/AUTUMN (whichever you prefer to call it!)
I use to look at the leaves and think that they were dying...which they are, but do you know why??  The green material in plants is called chlorophyll, and without it they cannot make food, so they die. Plants also use the carbon dioxide in the air (which is deadly to us), and then give off oxygen which we need to live, along with sunlight to make their food, and this is the process of photosynthesis!  (3rd grade science lesson for you!) :) Learning about this whole process made me think about my own life. Am I drinking from the LIVING WATER? Am I getting enough SONlight? Am I breathing in HIS OXYGEN, or the deadly carbon dioxide from this world? Without these things, I will die too! I want to be alive in Christ and living for Him!

From another perspective......I like to think of the leaves changing colors as not dying, but bursting forth with brilliant, bold colors as in effort to Praise the Lord! So, in this case I want to be a bright RED or ORANGE colored leaf that is glowing with the spirit of Christ in me. So, what are you? A dying leaf or one bursting out with color shining for Jesus?!?

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