Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year Start-Up

The New Year has started, but I haven't. Lack of motivation, laziness, frustration, or the good ol' just don't want to's!  I'm not sure which of those it is, or if it's even any of those reasons, but this year is starting off slow for us. Maybe that's good thing, maybe that means the whole year will be slow and laid back. :)
We have all had the head cold junk, which makes you feel terrible, so we haven't even started school back yet! We WILL start Monday...we HAVE to start Monday! In an attempt to get myself more organized with our school stuff, I have gotten one thing accomplished...I moved our school stuff out of a cabinet taking up room in the house, to a more organized area. This is the ONE "closet" area that is all mine in our house, and what does it hold?? Bills, computer, school books, bills, markers, paper, bills, shredder, and did I mention bills!?! :) 

Notice how everything is labeled and in a particular place?  Now if I will just keep it this way! :)

Place for bills & paper. Grading scale & calendar

Messages, to-do lists, etc.

So, I guess I have gotten a little accomplished. Now to move on to another area in the house!
It's funny to me how there's always something to clean, organize, or throw out!