Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do Everything...

Do everything as unto the Lord....
Boy, is this a hard thing to do sometimes! In this song by Steven Curtis Chapman he mentions things that I do everday and it gets really boring sometimes. I have to stop and remind myself daily, that the Lord has called me to be at home as a mom and homeschool teacher.  I try not to take for granted that I have the freedom to school my boys at home, and that God provides for us financially for me to do this. 
Through all of the mundane tasks of the day....get up, fix breakfast, clean the kitchen, start school, change Jacob's diaper, get him settled on something, continue school, try to get Jacob to use the potty, more school, then lunch time---fix it, clean up, think about supper and prepare, housework, laundry, finish reading/school work, nap time for Jacob---finally! :)  Supper time--fix it, clean up. Bath time, fold laundry, and BEDTIME for boys!! Then, FINALLY maybe 30 minutes for Eric and I to sit and talk if we're not too exhausted from the day! HA! can be EXTREMELY hard to do all these tasks unto the Lord.
Does He really care if I smile while changing a dirty diaper? Should I really be rejoicing when I have to explain school work for the 100th time to the boys? How can I possibly skip through the house while doing laundry?  Should I be singing praises while in the kitchen where I sometimes feel like a short-order cook?
Well, I may not need to be doing everything with a smile, singing, or rejoicing, but I should do it as if it REALLY does matter....because it does! This is the job that the Lord has given me, and no matter if I were at home or in a public job, it would all become mundane at some point.
I have just come to realize that EVERYTHING we do is important to matter how big or small it seems. We should perform all tasks to the best of our ability, with our whole heart, to be pleasing to the Lord.  I am thankful that He didn't do His "job" halfway. He put His whole heart into everything He did! He even gave His own life for us! How can I complain about my silly little daily tasks?!?!

So, no matter where you are or what you do everyday, try to do it in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Even if you are just wiping noses and bottoms all day!

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