Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annual Pumpkin Pickin’

We went to Granddad's Apples in Hendersonville today…supporting our local farmers! The boys were able to pick 1 larger pumpkin for our family. Usually I let them do a pumpkin each and they paint them or carve them somehow, but with our dog, Dixie, I didn’t think that would be such a good idea. HA! So, we opted for one that we can place indoors away from her.


 I was able to pick 3 great “punkins” today! 

My boys are absolutely the best thing that I’ve ever had my hand in.  I’m thankful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to be a mother and the privilege to raise the 3 greatest little boys into, hopefully, Godly men one day…which will probably be here before I know it. That’s why I try to enjoy each day with them that I can. I, of course, don’t always spend as much quality time with them as I should…that’s one of the many things that makes me an Imperfect Female. I pray that the Lord will remind me everyday of the wonderful gifts He has given me and that I won’t take them for granted.

025                                                                       018

They really do love each other!                                                                                   



Me with my 3 punkins!                                                               


003  Jacob & Elizabeth together…so sweet!!


006 My sister’s girls are visiting this week, so we were able to share this day with them. My 3 boys and her 3 girls!

Pisgah Edu. Center--Field Trip

WOW!!  What a great time we had with other homeschool families and just being outside in the beautiful weather and surroundings!  The drive to Pisgah Forest was absolutely breathtaking! I love that area anyway, but seeing the colors of the changing leaves, and them falling in front of us almost like it was snowing leaves...just beautiful!
The boys had a great time in the FREE classes offered by the Pisgah Educational Center...did I mention they are FREE! :) Lots of great info. and hands-on activities. For Noah's age group they first did a BB Gun class--safety and shooting. Then they did Archery, which was so much fun and I even got to participate! :)
Caleb's age first did a Wild Woodlands class, where we explored and hiked in the woods looking for different animals and habitats. Very fun and beautiful scenery! Then they learned about the fish hatchery--how they raise the fish and what they feed them, etc. Here's some fun pictures from our day of learning, exploring, and just enjoying God's beautiful creations!

Noah--3rd Grade                                      Caleb--1st Grade

Caleb looking at a salamander we found on our hunt!

Caleb touching a skull from a gray fox.

Noah perfecting his archery skills.
I hit the bulls eye first time! :)
Noah "killed" a bear with his bow!

Our Homeschool Group 
(Look at the colors of the leaves behind them...beautiful!)

This is why we homeschool! We can take an entire day and spend it with friends and still learn. What an awesome privilege to have this time with my children! Our "classroom" is wherever we want it to be, and we get to experience all of it together. I thank the Lord for the freedom to homeschool, and I also praise Him for providing for us to have this incredible opportunity and time with the boys.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do I really have to wear a bathing suit?!?!

The boys, my mom, and myself went to the indoor waterpark, Wilderness at the Smokies, in Pigeon Forge, TN this week for a few days. It is a really AWESOME place! The boys absolutely loved the water slides and play areas...great trip any time of the year, but especially when it's cold outside.  The slides are in one area, so I could see the boys while they were going down them all, and the area for little ones was perfect for Jacob. The only down side---I HAD TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT!! My poor body is definitely not in shape like it should be, and has not seen the sun in approximately 2 years! This was a sight that most probably did not enjoy.

But, just to encourage myself...I looked around and really didn't see anyone that looked "good in a bathing suit". From "hefty" women in bikinis (really, a bikini?! and at a waterpark?!) to teenage girls with "muffin tops", teenage boys with the behind sagging trunks, and the worst of all.....men with hairy backs and chests!! OH MY! I saw things that my eyes are now scarred from!  Seriously, I'm not trying to be judgemental. I'm sure that as I walked around I was placed in a "category" by others, just like I was doing in my head. 

I came to a conclusion during all my observations.....there are NO Perfect People in this world!!  That's a profound statement, right!?! :) Everyone is as imperfect as I am...inside and out! But, PRAISE TO THE LORD, that we can all be made "perfect" through HIM! Thank goodness He only looks at the heart, and doesn't look at our outward appearances. (We should dress and act in a way that glorifies Him, with a modest fashion & clean mouth. But, when it comes to salvation--the inside is what matters.) Through Christ, our old selves (the unclean and imperfect) can be made new (clean & perfect)!  I thank Him daily for taking this Imperfect Female and using me for His Glory! May I always be about His business!

Here's a video of Natalie Grant singing her song, "Perfect People"....where I get my title of, Imperfect Female.  We all have our imperfections, but we serve of PERFECT GOD!

Leaves Changing

I'm sitting looking out the window at all the beautiful colors in the changing leaves. I love the cool crisp air and changing of seasons. Most people I know also loves to see one season come and go...can you believe it, we like CHANGE?!? :)
This makes me think about my life and the season I'm in, and where and how I need to change.
The colors are beginning to burst out!

We have personally been in a "winter season" for the past few months...dead emotionally, financially, and spiritually. But, I know that after the winter comes spring...when everything blooms again and becomes new. I'm looking forward and praising Him ahead of time for how He's going to allow spring to come in our lives.

Back to the real season we're in...FALL/AUTUMN (whichever you prefer to call it!)
I use to look at the leaves and think that they were dying...which they are, but do you know why??  The green material in plants is called chlorophyll, and without it they cannot make food, so they die. Plants also use the carbon dioxide in the air (which is deadly to us), and then give off oxygen which we need to live, along with sunlight to make their food, and this is the process of photosynthesis!  (3rd grade science lesson for you!) :) Learning about this whole process made me think about my own life. Am I drinking from the LIVING WATER? Am I getting enough SONlight? Am I breathing in HIS OXYGEN, or the deadly carbon dioxide from this world? Without these things, I will die too! I want to be alive in Christ and living for Him!

From another perspective......I like to think of the leaves changing colors as not dying, but bursting forth with brilliant, bold colors as in effort to Praise the Lord! So, in this case I want to be a bright RED or ORANGE colored leaf that is glowing with the spirit of Christ in me. So, what are you? A dying leaf or one bursting out with color shining for Jesus?!?