Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pisgah Edu. Center--Field Trip

WOW!!  What a great time we had with other homeschool families and just being outside in the beautiful weather and surroundings!  The drive to Pisgah Forest was absolutely breathtaking! I love that area anyway, but seeing the colors of the changing leaves, and them falling in front of us almost like it was snowing leaves...just beautiful!
The boys had a great time in the FREE classes offered by the Pisgah Educational Center...did I mention they are FREE! :) Lots of great info. and hands-on activities. For Noah's age group they first did a BB Gun class--safety and shooting. Then they did Archery, which was so much fun and I even got to participate! :)
Caleb's age first did a Wild Woodlands class, where we explored and hiked in the woods looking for different animals and habitats. Very fun and beautiful scenery! Then they learned about the fish hatchery--how they raise the fish and what they feed them, etc. Here's some fun pictures from our day of learning, exploring, and just enjoying God's beautiful creations!

Noah--3rd Grade                                      Caleb--1st Grade

Caleb looking at a salamander we found on our hunt!

Caleb touching a skull from a gray fox.

Noah perfecting his archery skills.
I hit the bulls eye first time! :)
Noah "killed" a bear with his bow!

Our Homeschool Group 
(Look at the colors of the leaves behind them...beautiful!)

This is why we homeschool! We can take an entire day and spend it with friends and still learn. What an awesome privilege to have this time with my children! Our "classroom" is wherever we want it to be, and we get to experience all of it together. I thank the Lord for the freedom to homeschool, and I also praise Him for providing for us to have this incredible opportunity and time with the boys.

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