Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jehovah Jirah! The Lord Provides!

We are in a trying, trusting time right now. After Eric's resignation from the church, we have not had a "steady" income, but our bills are paid and we're able to eat! :)  We hated the fact that our main source of income was from the church, but that's just how it was since I'm at home with our boys. (which I wouldn't give up for anything...that will be another post!) 
This past Sunday after coming home from church, the boys realized that the front tire on my vehicle was busted, completely flat! How did this happen?!?!  Just sitting in the driveway! Of course I got a little emotional. This was something that was going to have to be fixed that we didn't have the money for.  Well, Eric being the optimistic (trusting) one, told me not to worry, that God knew that tire was going to be flat before we did, and just to be thankful that we were home and that it didn't blow while driving down the road. Ok, ok....I know all of that, but my faith and trust does lack sometimes. That's why I love when God really shows me how good He is!
Monday morning Eric took the tire to a local guy to be checked out. In the meantime, Eric came home for lunch from a job he was doing. (Praise the Lord he had a job that pays!) When he went to leave his truch wouldn't start!! I would have loved to have seen his face at that moment!  He said he sat there and thought....it's the battery, but he couldn't pull mine over to jump it off to see for sure that's what was wrong, it was on jacks missing a tire! HA! HA!  (Sometimes we do have to laugh! "A joyful heart is a good medicine...--Prov.17:22) So, he called my mom and got her vehicle to jump his truck off.  He went to my dad's store.....a guy had just left after purchasing a new battery for himself. Turns out that his battery wasn't actually bad. Something else was wrong, but he insisted on a new one.. So to our advantage his battery was good and gues what?!?!?  It fit Eric's truck perfectly and worked liked a charm! A FREE BATTERY!!  Saving us around $60.00!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!! 
Later in the evening the guy had my tire fixed. Thankfully it was a tiny hole that he was able to plug, and did it for FREE!! 
I say all of this to say this.....
Sometimes we do forget how gracious and merciful our God is, and that He is concerned about the "little" things in our lives. Every detail matters. He does care, and wants what's best for us. He does know the things we're going through and are going to face. He just wants us to trust Him. Put into action the things we always tell everyone else when their facing trials. It's easy to talk the talk of faith, but how well do we do walking it??