Monday, December 5, 2011

Half way to adulthood...what?!?!

It crossed my mind this past Saturday (Dec. 3rd) that my firstborn, Noah, was half way to being an adult! How did this happen? Where has time gone? We celebrated his 9th birthday with just a family party at home. No matter what we do, he is always happy and eager to have his birthday. We have been counting down the days for the past month or more. :)

Noah with his guitar cake.

I think back over the last nine years and how quickly they have gone. Noah being my first, of course was special. I remember the whole timeline of events from finding out I was pregnant, the look on Eric's face, telling our families, the pregnancy ups & downs, to the delivery. I remember how I felt when I finally got to hold him for the first time. His smell, his little wrinkled face. He has brought us so much joy throughout the last nine years. I know the next nine will probably be more challenging. Teenagers and their problems are harder to deal with than bottle weening and potty training! I pray for God's guidance through the next years, but for now we'll just enjoy him being nine!

He had me make his cake. Bless his heart, after I made a pirate ship cake for his 5th birthday, he now thinks I can make good cakes. :) I do enjoy experimenting with them, but don't think anyone but my children would appreciate my handiwork!

The green part is cake, the yellow and white parts are rice crispy treats. It was really yummy!
Blowing out the candles!

Opening Presents

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