Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Fun!

Yes, there can be fun this time of year despite all the hustle and bustle! We finished up with our school last Wed., then ended the week with time with our great co-op Group 4:9! Our group Christmas party was Friday night with a homemade ornament exchange between the kids, so we had to work on our creations. I love decorating with snowmen, so I gave the boys that idea and they made their own versions of a snowman.

L to R:  Caleb's Nighttime Snowman, Jacob's tile job (didn't he do good!?!) :), Noah's "Grinch Man"

I also had a little time with just Jacob this past Sunday morning. The boys were riding the van with Eric to pick up some kids for church, so we were on our own. Since he is still small I can dress him all cute, and he can't refuse, yet! After wetting down and fixing his hair, he went to the mirror and said, "I handsome!"  He is such a mess!

Don't you love the sweater vest and the cheesy grin!?! 

We have also made some flour/salt ornaments. We ended up not using any of them, but they were fun to make!

Shopping is tomorrow...I'll let you know how it goes! LOL

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