Monday, November 7, 2011

~Raising Husbands

As a mother to boys, I pray daily for each of their future wives (1 wife each!). But, I also realize the responsiblity I have to teach them how to take care of themselves. The Lord may or may not have planned for them to marry. And if they do get married, I DON'T, and they BETTER NOT expect their wife to do everything! They need to become independent men that can live on their own, wash their own clothes, cook for themselves, clean & keep a house, etc, etc....  So, in my effort to teach them these important life skills, we had a cleaning day this past Saturday. They had to clean their rooms and dust, just as I was doing in the rest of the house. (and I might add, that my cleaning duties never stop!) :)  I only got a couple of sighs and moans as I gave out instructions, but this was better than doing an extra day of school right?!?!  So, I must brag on them a little and show you how hard they really did work.

Noah dusting his room.  Don't you like his outfit for the day??
I never know what kind of get-up he may have on!

Caleb got on his top bunk to take the sheets off for me,
and then I saw him dusting his fan! Without me asking!!
This crazy kid was even his own way!
He was basically telling his brothers what to do! :)

They actually enjoy seeing the finished products of their hard work.  It also helped as motivation that they had a friend's birthday party to go to that afternoon! 
Well, whatever it takes! :) BUT, they will make good husbands oneday!  Husbands that help their wives in the partnership of marriage. Thankfully they have a daddy that is a great role model, and a momma that is just stubborn enough to not give in and make them do things on their own!

~~Many hands make for light work.

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