Friday, June 15, 2012

Play Ball!

Another baseball season is over. :(  Even though we run wild for a few months, I really do get kind of sad when it's over. The boys LOVE playing and I LOVE watching them! They both had a great season and really improved from last year.

Noah was on a 9/10 yr. old team (Minor League) and was able to pitch this year. Wow! That was an adjustment for me...I have grown up watching my brother pitch, but now this was my child! I had to sit away from the other team, so I couldn't hear remarks from others. This Mama would be a mad mama if someone was making fun of her son! :)  Thankfully, I didn't hear any snide remarks and was able to maintain my composure. Ha! I do believe though, that his best position to play is catcher. He really does have a natural talent to play there. He can stop the ball, and I like the fact that he's covered in padding. LOL  One time he threw the ball from his knees to 2nd base...perfectly straight, and bounced once right in front of the second baseman!

Check out his form! (below, right)  He had several innings where he struck out 3 in a row! So proud of him!!

Caleb was on a 7/8 yr. old team (PeeWee league) and did a fantastic job as well! His attention span was much better than the year before. :)  His batting and catching improved the most, not to mention how he can throw the ball! He really has a great arm! Toward the end of the season, I think there were only about 3 games left, he decided that he wanted to try catching. Not sure if he wanted to be like Noah, or if the excitement of wearing a cup was his incintive, but he did GREAT!! We were all very suprised that he caught on so quickly at what to do. He stopped the ball, and was on top of what was going on. Just like his brother, they take after their daddy. From year to year we wonder if Caleb will stick with baseball, but he never ceases to amaze us with how he does. He is a lot like my brother (Chris)...loves to play, but reallly hates to practice! But according to Caleb, "he's good enough & doesn't need to practice!" Love that boy! :)

Since Eric & Papa were coaching both teams, that left me, Nana, & the brother not playing to deal with Jacob! Now, that's a job! :)  As long as he's outside, he's typically happy, so most of the time he was pretty good. Except for the fact that he likes to socialize and tends to wander away from me. He doesn't meet a stranger, and even made a few "baseball play friends". He really did make a little friend, Bradley. (His older brother was on Caleb's team.) They played great together! Shared toys, bike & helmet, gum, and who knows what else! Jacob would say that "Bradley is his best buddy!"  So sweet!!  I didn't get a picture of them together, but here's one of Jacob at the ballfield. (I belive Noah had my camera, because somehow Nana and I made it into the pic, and it's very up close of Jacob!)

So, until next baseball season, we will hang up the bat bags, store away the gloves, jock straps & cups, clean off the cleats, and hopefully enjoy some much needed time at home! :)

Oh wait......I think they may want to play fall ball!!  In that case...let's play ball! ;-)

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