Friday, February 3, 2012

Caleb turned 7!

We have begun the second month of the new year, and I'm just now posting about Caleb's birthday! With it being just 3 days before Christmas it does seem to go by really quickly, and fine details are usually left out. We did have a family party at home with a "Star Wars" theme...he got things he wanted and some great surprises, but most of all we enjoyed celebrating him as the great gift he is to us!

He is such a fun kid!  He makes us laugh with his funny sense of humor, and then frustrates us with his stubborness. :)  He likes things done a certain way, and doesn't get in a hurry about ANYTHING! He is definitely kin to my PawPaw and brother! Nothing stresses them out and they can take a lot, but make them mad or say something about their family, and you better watch out!  He has that kind of temper, too!  Loves and laughs a lot and with his whole heart! He reminds me to slow down and not get in a hurry about things...just take things as they come.

~Opening, he didn't get a massager! I like reusing boxes to disguise their gifts, so they can't guess what it is!

Of course, little brother has to help! :)

Ready to make a wish!

Happy 7th Birthday, Caleb!!

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